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Dark Arts UNITE!
United States
Alright! People had been complaining about how I took a break from this club, and some of them were real assholes about it. Now I'm back and have been back for a month, and no one has submitted anything! No messages, no new members, no nothing! So I'm going to cut back on my updating this page until you guys give me a reason not to.

What is OriginalDark?
OriginalDark is a club for Horror & Macabre artists who do traditional art of all kinds. No fanart or stolen ideas, but any original ideas are welcome! (aka no JTHM art styles or jokes)And if I see ANYTHING related to the Dark Knight, I will personally give you a Brazillian cut with a rusty spork.

How do I join?
You join by watching the OriginalDark page and sending us a note with the title Join! You will get a response as soon as possible.

How do I submit?
Once a member, you can submit one piece a week. If it is crap, you will get a response that will give critique and hopefully not crush your dreams. To submit, send a note with the title Submission!

What are the minions?
the minions are the first ten who joined the club. and some other artists that happen to join as a certain number. Like the 666th member gets to be a minion. They can submit one piece a day if they so wish.

How do I become a Minion?
You are automatically a minion if you were one of the first ten to join, the 13th, the 23rd, etc. You can also become a minion if you win a contest.

What are the Demons?
Demons are above minions in the fact that they can submit contests to the group as well as vote on contest entries.

How Do I become a Demon?
First you have to be a minion. Then you can become a demon if you draw something especially amazing just for the club. Or you can win another contest.

What's an Arche-Demon?
Arche-Demons are the rulers of the club. We choose what is on the site or what isnt. We have the power to invite and allow young darklings into the club. We're in charge of your little dark world.
:iconbowie-lover: :iconbrody-lover: (same person)


1:iconfoxartsbrazil: 2:icon36m: 3:icondh666:  4:icondementedsped: 5:icontwistmyflesh: 7:iconandrewmar: 8:iconeyedrood: 9:iconcifuso: 10:iconkalakarma: 13:icongreenandwinged: 23:iconericdastone:45 :iconladyorlandoart:

11:iconbowie-lover: 12:icondarthmarko: 14:iconfranki02: 15:iconinkwitcharts: 16:iconbellicosebutterfly: 17:iconnicktheartisticfreak: 18:iconburnyouroleander: 19:iconpopskull: 20:iconbeautiful---tragedy: 21:icondove789789:22:icontmpkt: 24:iconladycatharsis: 25 :iconviscureal: 26 :iconriddickart: 27 :iconstyrofoam-skelleton:
28 :iconbeardomcweirdo: 29 :icongavm: 30:iconmad-margaret: 31 :iconimmer-adele: 32 :iconshadowmeld: 33 :iconconnelly:  34 :icondesigned2kill: 35 :iconneumorin: 36 :iconmadstalfos: 37 :icontwistedrib: 38 :iconchristophemanning: 39 :iconmesha89: 40 :iconmyvictoriansecret: 41 :iconmartinsilvertant:  42 :iconjackle-0rgy: 43 :iconkarnes: 44 :iconimaim: 46 :iconlehanan: 47 :iconivebeenshot: 48 :iconkontralucid: 49 :icondarthivann: 50 :icongrimarts: 51 :iconwazka: 52 :icontulips-only-no-roses: 53 :iconblackdanter: 54 :icondragyourblood:55 :iconmatriarch667: 56 :iconsamurai30:57 :icondrochful: 58:iconhane: 59:icontillinghast23:



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dove789789 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
how do i join?
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MyVictorianSecret Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2009
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MyVictorianSecret Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2009
Hey. this person wrote something about you in their blog.. CLICK HERE
Ekonk Featured By Owner May 24, 2008  Student Digital Artist
Sometimes, I have the urge to draw horribly happy things ( [link] ), but at other times, drawing damned undead, crying blood, whith iron pins through their rotting flesh can be very relieving.

Ergo, I'd like to join. :)
Vamediah Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2008   Writer
squeeze me out, i resign.
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